A valuable second medical opinion service for you and your family

Facing a medical challenge can be stressful. Sometimes you can be uncertain about whether your diagnosis is correct or whether you’re on the right treatment plan. Perhaps you’re facing a decision about whether or not to have surgery. Maybe you are supporting a close family member or having to make decisions on their behalf.

Best Doctors can help you to feel more confident that you are making the right choices and that you and your family are receiving the appropriate care.

Best Doctors is a unique service that gives you and your family access to a global network of more than 50,000 medical specialists to seek advice or a second medical opinion. Access to Best Doctors is offered at no extra cost to Telstra Super members through our insurance partner, MLC Life Insurance.

  • You can use Best Doctors at any time and you don’t need to be claiming on your insurance.
  • Available to you and your family – your children, parents, partner and partner’s parents.
  • Convenient, virtual access to leading specialists for a second medical opinion.
  • Expertise and knowledge of an independent specialist helps you and your treating doctors agree on the best way forward.
  • Completely confidential and won’t affect the assessment of a claim.
  • Support for mental health conditions with access to leading Australian clinical psychologists and psychiatrists and a dedicated mental health nurse.
  • Easy to access by calling Best Doctors on 1800 186 088 or visiting their online portal (link below).

No extra cost

  • Get more value from your insurance

A second opinion for you and your family

  • Available to you, your children, parents, partner and partner’s parents

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Members of Telstra Super are eligible for Best Doctors through the insurance cover provided by MLC Life Insurance. Best Doctors® is not insurance (including health insurance) and it does not replace your relationship with your current doctor or medical specialist. MLC Life Insurance reserves the right to withdraw the service at any time or to change the terms on which the service is provided to customers.

Best Doctors® and the star-in-cross logo are trademarks of Best Doctors®, Inc., in the United States and in other countries, and are used under license.